The Sleep Geek Training Course

The Sleep Geek Training Course

At Bedstop we listen to our customers, to help them choose the right “Sleep Solution” for them.

That’s why all of our staff go through a thorough training process, which includes completing the internationally recognised Sleep Geek training course.

The Sleep Geek training course which is run by one of the world’s leading manufacturer of spring’s, is made up of different modules, each one covering a different aspect of the science of beds and sleep.  At the end of each module our staff must all pass each one, before moving on to the next, so that we are sure  that they  know and understand how best to give their clients the best bed that will suit their needs now and into the future.

This course provides a comprehensive grounding in all things related to sleep.  From different springs, and the benefits of different elements that can make up a bed, to knowing what affects our sleep in today’s environment, such as temperature, electronics in your room and even the colour of your lighting.  Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place to destress and rejuvenate yourself. 

 Our staff are trained to understand that sleep isn’t just about your bed.  When you come into one of our stores you will be asked a few questions so that we can help you get the best night’s sleep.  We need to know who the bed is for, what sort of feel you are looking for, either plush (which is soft) medium or firm (hard).  It’s important to try the beds in a relaxed unhurried environment, and when lying on the beds to try it out how you sleep at home, ie on your side and on your back, or on your tummy if that’s how you sleep.

From helping you select the right bed for you, explaining how to care for it to give you the optimum comfort for the longest time, right through to arranging your delivery, we’re here to help you get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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