Bedstop can help you choose the perfect pillow

Bedstop can help you choose the perfect pillow

A pillow works in conjunction with your mattress to help keep your neck and spine in perfect alignment throughout the night for a good night’s sleep.


Neck pain is caused by tension in the muscles which can be exacerbated by a pillow not giving the correct support while you sleep. As everybody is a different shape and sleeps in a different position, there’s a pillow out there that will suit you however you sleep!


Are you a side sleeper? If so try a contoured pillow, these are designed to support your head and neck. There are two different profile heights, on each side of the pillow. Someone that has broader shoulders may benefit more from the high profile side as opposed to the lower.  If you prefer a softer mattress you might benefit more from a lower profile.


Contoured shaped pillows can be found in both memory foam or latex, both of these have excellent pressure relieving properties to help with those end of the day aches. If you prefer a pillow to snuggle but would also like the benefits of memory foam support, try the Active Dark + AirFibre Contoured pillow, this pillow gives the best of both! The memory foam core can also be removed to be used as an extra low profile pillow for those who are tummy sleepers.


Side sleepers also often benefit by the use of an extra pillow placed between the knees to help keep the spine aligned through the night, especially women due to shape of the hips. This is also recommended to pregnant women as their body shape changes as the baby grows.


Are you a hot sleeper? We have the perfect pillow.  The Active Cool pillow is made from charcoal infused memory foam and has an added gel insert which along with a breathable cotton cover helps keep you cool and temperature regulated throughout the night. An added bonus of this pillow is that the charcoal infused memory also has anti-bacterial properties!


Don’t want to break the bank? You can’t go wrong with the AirFibre pillow range. You can choose from the 3D all-rounder pillow or a  choice of a plusher Hi Loft or Lo Loft pillow depending on your pillow height preference and sleep position. The AirFibre pillows all come with a cotton outer cover and a microfibre fill which not only makes them durable, but breathable and also allergy free!


Shop for your perfect pillow here or come instore and speak to one of our experts.

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