Become a Franchisee

Bedstop was founded in 2003 in conjunction with Furniture Court NZ Ltd as a bedding offer for those stores needing a bedding specialist.

Bedstop is now owned by the original members of Bedstop when they purchased the franchise from Furniture Court in September 2009 along with the rights to operate Bedstop and its intellectual property. They have over 30 years of successful experience in the bedding and furniture industry as both owner-operators and directors. A new company called Bedstop NZ Ltd was formed at this time. Through this members have access to a number of "Preferred Suppliers" with whom they have formed close working relationships over a large number of years.

We are now in a position to offer to selected, privately owned retailers and prospective franchisees "Bedstop Franchises" throughout New Zealand. We believe the benefits to those selected will enhance their trading and business opportunities, creating financial advantages over other bedding specialists stores.

New Franchisees do not need to be previously involved in the bedding industry as training will be provided.

We offer means, systems, and support that we have used to ensure the success of our own ‘Bedding Specialist’ stores. By introducing systems that incorporate a means of selling, purchasing and displaying a “story” that we believe will give you a distinct advantage, over other competitors.

Ongoing advice & assistance is given on
1.    Advertising
2.    Stock options and recommendations
       (Highly Recommended/Recommended/Core Product)
3.    Policies and Procedures
4.    Selling Advice and In-Store Training
5.    Staff Instructions and Recommendations
6.    Contact Details     i) Within Bedstop
                                        ii) Preferred Suppliers
7.    Exclusive product most of which has been developed as exclusive and for our own in-house needs.

We have a well-established buying group with the support of major manufacturers and importers in our industry and with “Preferred Suppliers” with whom we have supplier agreements supporting us through:-
•    Discounts
•    Exclusive Product – local and imported (only available to Bedstop stores)
•    Specials for promotions etc
•    Finance deals and special rates
•    Continual development of new lines in order to keep up with our ever-changing markets
•    Central billing systems
•    Point of Sale materials
•    Cooperative buying opportunities

By operating under a franchise type system you are delivered a strong easily recognised brand, co-operation between members is more forthcoming and when the time comes to sell your business, because of the systems and back up, we believe it will be easier to sell.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bedstop NZ Ltd if you are interested in a “Bedstop” Franchise or would like any further information or assistance at