Upholstered Head boards

Who invented the headboard and do you really need one? Evidence dating back to Egypt suggests that they were created for practical purposes as well as a social status. It keeps your head warm from the wall and it also supports your bed. The Greeks were the ones who ‘modernised’ the headboards with cushions for support, hence the fabric/linen upholstered or padded headboards or sometimes referred to as bedheads. 

Whether it is for practical reasons, add a cozy feeling in your bedroom, or to get that elegant contemporary stylish look – our custom-made headboards come in various colours and sizes to suit your needs. Headboards handcrafted in New Zealand. Available in plain hard-wearing commercial grade upholstery fabric. 

Fabric colour swatches shown is the Mystere range, heavy commercial velvet, 100%Polyester composition.

Delivery may take up to three weeks.

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Upholstered Head boards

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